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The following is an archive of
original articles, TV and Radio interviews on strategic investment, market and technology intelligence from Emerging Markets Online, including excerpts from Drop In Fuels 2020, Algae 2020 & Biodiesel 2020 studies.

What's New?

Algae 2020 author provides a 2017 algae industry update and outlook for food, fuels, nutrition on the TerraTech radio show, episode one titled New Foods: How To Make Them Faster, Better Cheaper. Listen to a recording here.

Drop-In Fuels 2020 author provides a detailed presentation of emerging opportunities, feedstocks, producers and markets world-wide in Biofuels Digest's Boom-Boom: A Multi-Slide Guide to Renewable Diesel’s Growth and Horizons  

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Archive of original articles by Emerging Markets Online:

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