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Founded in 1997, Emerging Markets Online is a leading algae and alternative fuels consulting services, and market research firm. Emerging Markets Online specializes in serving clients by focusing on the future of algae, advanced biofuels, drop-In fuels, biodiesel, Bio-GTL, markets, trends and forecasts.

New! In July, 2014, Emerging Markets Online will release a new edition of Algae 2020
Algae 2020, Vol 3: Emerging Markets for Feed, Fuels, Nutrition, Omega 3s & Astaxanthin
New! In Spring/Summer 2014, Emerging Markets Online will provide several keynote presentations at many prestigious conferences and for prospective clients via private seminars and webinars. For a presentation at your event or organization, contact us via email info(at)emerging-markets.com or call +1 713 429 4905 (Houston).

Algae 2020 Vol 2: Fuel, Feed, Food, Fiber, Biochems and Nutrition
In 2011, Emerging Markets released Algae 2020, Vol 2 updating the original 2009 study, including details on biofuels markets, profiles of leading algae biofuels-related companies, and an intro to biochems, bioplastics and co-products.

Algae 2020 Vol 2: Emerging Markets for Fuel, Feed, Biochems and Nutrition

Summary, Table of Contents and Order Form ( PDF, 3MB)

Global Algae Producers, Projects, Ventures, Technologies, Investors, and Market Forecasts

The Algae 2020 study is a fact-filled guide designed for investors, producers, entrepreneurs, governments, researchers, consultants and executives.  Algae 2020 provides a comprehensive roadmap for the commercialization of biofuels, drop-in fuels, biochems and biomass markets based on site visits with more than 40 organizations.

Algae 2020
provides detailed case studies of leading companies, projects, ventures, public-private partnerships, research labs, and provides a set of scenarios, business strategies, market forecasts and an outlook for algal biofuels and biomass product commercialization to the year 2020.

Algae for Emerging Fuel, Feed, Food, Fiber and Nutrition Needs

Algae 2020 Vol 2 provides a roadmap for scaling up algae production, and market strategies for attracting investment, partnership, and production towards commercialization. The study highlights leading projects and algae producers producing high-value products including: green plastics and chemicals from algal biopolymers, livestock and fish meal, omega 3s, and pharmaceutical applications, plus a thorough review of algae-based drop in fuels - renewable diesel, drop-in fuels, aviation fuels, biochems and bioplastics .

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A key finding from the Algae 2020 study: algal biofuels have matured significantly in the last few years, moving from small research labs, to pilot projects, to small scale demonstration projects, and now to first-stage pre-commercial trials for CO2 capture in a handful of projects. 

Algae 2020 Vol 2
provides detailed case studies of leading companies, public-private partnerships, research labs, and provides a set of scenarios, business strategies and an outlook for algal biofuels commercialization to the year 2020.

Order Details, Table of Contents and Figures
For more information, visit the Algae 2020 executive summary and prospectus page

Biodiesel 2020: A Global Market Survey, 2nd Edition

Summary & Order Form PDF

Market Survey, Feedstock Trends and Forecasts

Biodiesel 2020, second edition tracks the U.S. and global markets for biodiesel growth, details major feedstock trends, and provides analysis of biodiesel consumption and production trends. Europe, China, India and Brazil are also covered as case studies. Proprietary forecasts developed for this study are also used to produce 2020 "Scenarios" for the U.S., Europe, China, India and Brazil.

The widely acclaimed Biodiesel 2020 study has been featured in the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Business 2.0, Biodiesel magazine, Reuters TV, Fox News Energy Week, Biofuels International, Renewable Energy Access, The Futurist, and on Finland's TV network 'N" news

Biodiesel 2020, 2nd edition provides an update on the first study; further explores feedstock trends and provides detailed analysis of the current transition from 1st generation biodiesel markets to 2nd generation markets for biodiesel, renewable diesel and biomass to liquids for biodiesel projects.

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Biodiesel 2020, second edition
examines the trend towards lower cost multiple feedstocks, and provides analysis of emerging projects and markets for jatropha curcas, palm, soy, and rapeseed based biodiesel ventures in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This study also reviews major projects in progress for lower-cost feedstocks from renewable diesel including tallow, used vegetable oil, yellow grease and waste recycling. Algae-based biodiesel projects are also reviewed in detail.

This study finds the global market for biodiesel is poised for explosive growth in the next ten years. Although Europe currently represents 80% of global biodiesel consumption and production, the U.S. is now ramping up production at a faster rate than Europe. With the arrival of 2nd generation biofuels and non food feedstocks jatropha, algae and municipal waste, it is possible Biodiesel could represent as much as 10% of all on-road diesel used in Brazil, Europe, China and India by the year 2020.

If governments continue to aggressively pursue 2nd generation biofuels research and development; enact investor-friendly tax incentives for production and blending; and help to promote research & development in new biodiesel feedstocks such as algae biodiesel, the prospects for achieving sustainable biodiesel markets may become realized faster than anticipated. Biodiesel 2020 finds that each of these variables will be essential to the eventual success of these targets.

Download a Summary & Order Form for Biodiesel 2020: A Global Market Survey, 2nd Edition (PDF 4Mb)
Customized Consulting Services

If you are working on a new project or evaluating a prospective opportunity, Emerging Markets Online can help.  Our personalized consulting services can help you find the market intelligence and project support data you require.  We produce personalized surveys and reports for our clients.  For more information, or to submit a research request, visit our consulting services page or call +1 713 429 4905

Multiple user, Intranet and IRC Support
Would you like to add a report to your organization's library or share a report or a service with your team?  Emerging Markets Online offers multiple-user accounts for viewing over the web, and we also support intranet-based delivery of reports and services. For more information, contact EMO Customer Service.


















































































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